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Clearwater School of Supernatural Ministry
Clearwater School of Supernatural Ministry is a Holy Spirit driven ministry school located in Clearwater, FL where students of all ages come to learn how to live in the Kingdom of God and extend its borders through a supernatural lifestyle. It is important to note that although many young people come to Clearwater SSM, the school is multi-generational with participants ranging from the ages of 18 to 80. One of core values Clearwater School of Supernatural Ministry has adopted from Bethel’s supernatural school of ministry is honor, which manifests through joining the generations and teaching every age group to value and serve one another.

The Clearwater School of Supernatural Ministry emphasizes hands on training and experience along with academic understanding. This creates a ‘do and teach’ culture where all of the students are expected to take risks to stretch their faith and grow in their understanding of God. Clearwater SSM believes that each verse of the Bible is an invitation into an experience with the Lord, therefore the students are challenged to live the Bible. This produces a class environment that often feels very much like a laboratory where disciples practice the things they are being taught while instructors coach the process and all this takes places in a setting of passionate worship.

As the year progresses and the students begin to gain confidence and experience within the safety of the classroom, they are sent on outreaches into the community. These exploits include ministry to neighborhoods, after-school programs, and street & service evangelism. When the students take their supernatural ministry into the community, it gets pretty wild and exciting! They return to class to share testimonies, give thanks and debrief, always cheering each other on as they share.
Boldness, passion and risk are central to Clearwater School of Supernatural Ministry. These values define our atmosphere and are manifest in worship, ministry and in relationships with each other.